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Receive the professional speech and language therapy services you need at Small Talk, Ltd. With more than 25 years of experience, owner and  speech language pathologist, Laura Johnson, M.A.CCC, comes from a highly diversified background, including treating populations in  hospitals, clinics, and private practice.  We believe that when an individual is successful in communication, he will be successful in life. We strive to provide excellent outcomes.

Dedication to Excellence.

Contact our highly qualified Children’s Speech Therapists in Naperville, Illinois, for pediatric speech therapy services ranging from  Dyspraxia teatment to sensory feeding therapy.


speech pathology services naperville

Our Approach to Therapy:

  • Multi–sensory treatment
  • Sensory–integrative based
  • Child–centered & guided
  • Play based
  • Functional interaction based
  • Family involvement in therapy

Certified by ASHA

Certified in Foreign Accent Reduction
American Speech Language and Hearing Association
Illinois Licensed Speech Language Pathologist          


Our Services

  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Individual treatment plans
  • One on one therapy sessions
  • Family education
  • Feeding/swallowing intervention
  • Developmental language intervention
  • Cognitive development
  • Oral sensory-motor function
  • Phonologic development
  • Augmentative/pre-augmentative
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(630) 428-1245
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